Setting Up Your FlickWild Account - FlickWild Signup
  1.  To create an account at FlickWild, go to "Create Account".
  2.  Next go to "Signup" and fill in your info.  If you are using a mobile device, scroll down to "Signup".
  3.  Once you've finished adding your information and you click the "Green Signup Button" you will receive an "Activation" email.
  4.   Inside that email will be your "Activation" link.  Click the link to activate your account.  
That's it Congratulations you are done!  Now you can log into your new FlickWild Outdoors Social Network account.  Be sure to create your profile!  But now you are also ready to start uploading your videos and photos, add friends, as well as rate your friends videos and or photos.  Plus you will also be able to share your videos and photos to all the other social networks you may belong to or wherever else you may want to.

Most Of All HAVE FUN!  We Hope You Enjoy Using FlickWild!

If you have any questions or concerns please send an email to: support@flickwild.com